What is AngPangako.net?


Angpangako.net provides a database and data maps of various services and support available for victims of the campaign against illegal drugs, as well as a resource for service providers, and other users. The site provides information to create awareness of where to ask for help. The list is not complete but it hopes that users of this website may be able to use the information to inform, collaborate, and provide the much needed assistance to victims and their families, as they continue on with their lives while trying to get over their trauma and pain, as they journey towards healing themselves.


Maps of Services & Support

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Find centers providing medical or therapeutic attention to drug dependency concerns.

Local Government UNIT

Know more social services by reaching out to the nearest local government office.

Legal Group Services

Get connected to a lawyer by browsing through legal groups.

Faith-based Services

Seek relevant support services offered by spiritual groups and communities.

Child-focused Centers

Learn about child care assistance offered by child-focused organizations.

Submit Data

Are you interested to help? Enlist your organization now!



Policies & Research

Look up policies, memorandum circulars, and other documents released by the national government and LGUs.

Programs & Events

Find projects and activities that provide or call on support such as medical missions, volunteer opportunities, or community initiatives.


View some popular photos and videos that circulated online about the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.