How to use the Website

Ang Pangako contains a database of service providers and various data maps plotting the location of these service providers.

How to use the Database

1. The database contains a list of service providers identified. Users can search through this list to gain information on which service providers are available in every city or municipality.

2. There are six columns of information which the users can use to connect to these service providers, namely:

  • Region
  • Province
  • City/ Municipality
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Service Provided 

3. Use the search bar which can be found at the top of each column to better navigate and search through the list of service providers.

How to use the Data maps

 1. Click on a data map which you want to look more into. There are six data maps in total and are classified based on who provides these services, such as:

  • National government
  • Local government
  • Faith-based organization
  • Legal group
  • Child-focused group
  • Drug-rehabilitation center 

 Clicking on the “Enlarge data map” under the chosen data map, users will be directed to an enlarged version of the data map.  

 2. Select a layer to activate or deactivate. On the upper left side of the data map is a button to activate or deactivate the various layers of the data map. The layers indicate the different kinds of services provided – such as legal assistance, psychosocial support, drug awareness and rehabilitation, etc. 

When a layer is also activated, a list of service providers will be shown beneath the layer title. Users can click on them for more information on the service provider selected.

3. Click on any pin or dot to read more information. When a  layer is activated, pins or dots will be seen on the data map. Other than the list mentioned above, users can also click on any pin or dot directly to access further information. 

 4. Open larger map to access search function and to change base map to satellite map. On the upper right part of the data map, there is a button which can further enlarge a data map. Doing so will direct the user to Google Maps. Here, the users can use the search bar for easier browsing of the data map.